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HG Arts is your one-stop destination for hydrographics. Our water transfer printing products and services deliver great business value. Whether you're looking to position your business more attractively or exploring the use of hydrographics for the first time, we can help.

Water transfer printing (WTP) or Hydrographics has transformed the way design and customization is applied to three-dimensional objects. Businesses are increasingly leveraging the quality and limitless design possibilities of this innovative printing method to enhance their offerings. Since 2009, HG Arts has been assisting businesses across niches with top-of-the-line hydrographics products, advisory and professional training.

Why us?

✓ Only company selling water transfer printing products and equipment to more than 40 countries.

✓  38 international websites offering customers worldwide any-time, on-demand access to our products and services.

✓  Tight control on quality and customer service: We manufacture and supply all our products.

Our hydro dipping supplies are hard to beat

We supply water transfer printing equipment, films, paints, primers and materials. Our Activator HGA-EM014 is the most reliable and advanced water transfer printing activator in the industry. The versatile product works for all kinds of hydrographic films. Our advanced equipment allows you to decor your products with spectacular designs and distinguish them from the competition. Hydrographic equipment is manufactured and delivered within 6/8 weeks depending on the chosen package. Supplies are packaged and shipped within 24 hours of placing the order.

Leverage our design expertise for custom water transfer printing designs

Water transfer printing technology has opened up a new world of design possibilities for consumer goods, automotive, medical devices, aviation and many other industries. Businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage with out-of-the-ordinary printing techniques and designs are incorporating hydrographics into their processes. If you are looking for ready-to-use water transfer printing products tailored to your needs, you have come to the right place. We develop exclusive patterns that add value to your offerings and allow you to position them more attractively before your target market.

Consultancy and training services

HG Arts makes it easy for you to integrate water transfer printing into your business by providing certified WTP training courses.

Our consultancy service assists manufacturers and Water Transfer Printing start-up companies in making informed decisions and supports business goals in a real and meaningful way. We also offer an exclusive service for the development of licensed custom films for large-scale production.

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