Custom Hydrographic Film Development Service

At HG Arts, we cater to your unique hydrographic film development requirements and deliver the final product from conceptualization to transferring high definition image.

How does it work?

Login to My Account, click on Help Desk, Create a New Ticket, and select Film Development from the marked Department drop down box. Then enter essentials like job priority and subject, leave a message detailing any specifications or queries and finally upload the artwork or pattern in vector format (.AI file) with a resolution of 300dpi.

What happens next?

On receiving the image file, we immediately check the number of colors included in the pattern. Every color requires its own cylinder to be engraved with the artwork. For instance, a pattern with four colors will need four cylinders.

The image received is converted to a format that can be read by our engraving equipment. The engraving process involves a high-tech electronically-controlled diamond stylus that cuts minute cells, which draw the image into the surface of the cylinder. Once the file has been evaluated, our team will reply to the ticket with important details about duration and estimated cost to develop the film.

Approximate cost

The average charge per color or cylinder is around US$650.

Manufacturing time

Once we get the approval from you, it takes us about 4-6 weeks to develop the film.

Copyright protected

Client confidentiality takes precedence at HG Arts where all artwork is developed with the utmost privacy. You get the copyrights of the film, while the Gravure cylinders used for the project remain the property of HG Arts.