HG Arts is internationally know as the premier Water Transfer Printing company in the world. Since 2009, HG Arts has positioned both in the national and international markets offering top quality products.

The interest for Water Transfer Printing has been increasing worldwide since 2013. Innovation is always a must in all industries and WTP process offers a new world of possibilities.

This is one of the reasons why HG Arts has positioned as a leading supplier of Water Transfer Printing for professionals.



Water Transfer Printing for Professionals

The Hydrographics process opens a new world of endless possibilities for your products.

This process can be implemented into any kind of businesses. From small workshops to large production and manufacturing lines.

Innovation is essential within the business world to continue offering new products and expanding your market. The Water Transfer Printing process will allow your products to stand out from your competitors.

Our products and experience in the Water Transfer Printing Industry will help you to achieve the goal that your product has been looking for. We will guide you to adapt a new WTP Line to your actual working process.

HG Arts offers the following:

-       Consultancy for Manufacturers and new WTP Start-ups companies.

-       Machinery (adapted for all types of businesses)

-       Films with different textures. ( Grain Wood, Metals, Carbon Fiber, Camouflages, etc.)

-       Develop exclusive new patterns for our customers.

-       Water Transfer Printing Activator (HGA-EM014)

-       Paints for the Water Transfer Printing process.

-       Primers and materials for previous treatment.

-       Instructional documentation for the process.

-       Specialized expert team to provide support to our customers.

-       Training Courses / Certificates for businesses and professionals.