Leaders in Water Transfer Printing

At HG Arts, we transform ordinary into extraordinary. Our company specializes in water transfer printing / hydrographics. Our services enable you to print creative designs, patterns and images on virtually anything of your choice. We have successfully established ourselves as one of the leading companies in the hydrographics industry. We are also the only company providing water transfer printing products and services in more than 40 countries.

We have a huge customer base ranging from auto workshops to large manufacturers. We take pride in supporting customers' goals of enhancing the visual appeal of their products and sharpening their competitive edge.


Introducing innovative products

We provide hydrographic supplies like hydrographic films, paints, activators and Do-It-Yourself spray kits. We are your one-stop-shop for all your water transfer printing needs. We are also manufacturers and suppliers of all of our products. With access to the most advanced automated equipment, and a supportive team of dedicated professionals, we can help you decorate any hard surface according to your taste and requirements.

We also take pride in our HG Arts EM014 Hydrographics Activator, an innovative product, which has reduced many of the obstacles that we have faced in the past. The products and machines we sell, are all industry standard. We do not compromise with quality, and provide superior products.


Training courses and certificates

With the idea that knowledge should be shared, we provide training courses, after which a professional Water Transfer Printing certificate can be earned. Our training courses are very detailed, and those who enroll receive training in the water transfer printing process. They are also taught how to operate and maintain the machines. The Professional Certificate is only available for customers who purchase the entire equipment package, and also successfully complete the training program.


Global presence and prompt service

We serve more than 40 countries, and in order to increase our global reach, we maintain websites in 35 different languages. To look after our customers’ needs, we have also designed 38 international websites.


We guarantee that we package and ship all our supplies within 24 hours. We value customer satisfaction, and we want you to remember us the next time you require water transfer printing services. Contact us for more information, and let us show you how we can create something extraordinary for you!

Water Transfer Printing for Professionals

The Hydrographics process opens a new world of endless possibilities for your products.

This process can be implemented into any kind of businesses. From small workshops to large production and manufacturing lines.

Innovation is essential within the business world to continue offering new products and expanding your market. The Water Transfer Printing process will allow your products to stand out from your competitors.

Our products and experience in the Water Transfer Printing Industry will help you to achieve the goal that your product has been looking for. We will guide you to adapt a new WTP Line to your actual working process.

HG Arts provides:

-       Consultancy for Manufacturers and new WTP Start-ups companies.

-       Equipment (adapted for all types of businesses)

-       Films with different textures. ( Grain Wood, Metals, Carbon Fiber, Camouflages, etc.)

-       Develop exclusive new patterns for our customers.

-       Water Transfer Printing Activator (HGA-EM014)

-       Paints for the Water Transfer Printing process.

-       Primers and materials for previous treatment.

-       Instructional documentation for the process.

-       Specialized expert team to provide support to our customers.

-       Certified Training Courses